Waypoint 0.9 Released

Waypoint 0.9.0 is released!



  • Waypoint Task Tracking: Waypoint now tracks the lifecycle of on-demand runner tasks through a new internal core concept Task. As ODR jobs run, Task will keep track of what part the jobs are at for better debugging and on-demand runner insight. [GH-3203]
  • cli: New runner install and runner uninstall commands to install/uninstall Waypoint runners to a specified platform [GH-3335]
  • cli: New runner profile delete command to delete a Waypoint runner profile [GH-3474]
  • cli: Refactor k8s server install to use Helm [GH-3335]
  • core: Add ability to have cli and runners use OAuth2 to get an auth token [GH-3298]
  • plugin/aws-ecr-pull: Introduces an aws-ecr-pull builder plugin that enables using AWS ECR images that are built outside of Waypoint. [GH-3396]
  • plugin/lambda-function-url: Adds a new plugin and releaser component. This leverages Lambda URLs. [GH-3187]


  • cli: Show list of existing default runner profiles on post-upgrade to warn user that only one runner profile should be default. [GH-3497]
  • cli: Add interactive input for server upgrade, server uninstall, and destroy commands [GH-3238]
  • cli: Remove unused flag runner-profile in waypoint project apply [GH-3318]
  • core/api: include commit message in datasource/git response [GH-3457]
  • core: on-demand runner logs are now captured from the underlying platform and stored in the job system. [GH-3306]
  • core: show helpful errors when using invalid runner profile plugin config [GH-3465]
  • plugin/nomad: Support Nomad service discovery in Nomad platform plugin [GH-3461]
  • runner: runners will now accept and execute multiple jobs concurrently if multiple jobs are available. On-demand runners continue to execute exactly one job since they are purpose launched for single job execution. [GH-3300]
  • server: Introduce basic server-side metric collections around operations [GH-3440]
  • serverinstall/k8s: By default, do not set a mem or cpu limit or request for the default runner profile installed. [GH-3475]
  • ui: Updated UI of breadcrumbs and UX to include current page [GH-3166]
  • upgrade: Warn user if default k8s runner profile has incorrect plugin configs [GH-3503]


  • config: More than one app stanza within a waypoint.hcl file is deprecated, and will be removed in 0.10. Please see Deprecating projects (or how I learned to love apps) for more information.

    Since the initial version of Waypoint, the product has supported the ability to configure multiple apps within a single waypoint.hcl file. This functionality is deprecated and will be removed in the next release. The vast majority of users are not using this functionality and it served mostly as a source of confusion for users. For users who are using a monorepo pattern, we plan to add better workflows for you.

    With a waypoint.hcl now focused on the configuration of a single application, the concept of a project within the Waypoint data model will be removed, moving applications to the top level. This is already how users talk about using Waypoint and we are confident that it will improve the overall understanding of Waypoint as well.

    If you have questions about this change in functionality, we invite you to discuss with us at Deprecating projects (or how I learned to love apps) or Issues · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub.



  • cli: fix git dirty check that was broken for some versions of the git cli [GH-3432]
  • cli: fix panic when running status report on app with zero prior deployments [GH-3425]
  • core: Fix a rare panic when generating an invite token. [GH-3505]
  • plugin/docker: Ensure that the docker task launcher does not require a resources block to be set when attempting to load a task config to launch a task. [GH-3486]
  • plugin/docker: fix issue with remote operations for docker-pull builder [GH-3398]
  • plugin/k8s: Properly parse kubernetes task launcher config on plugin invoke. [GH-3475]
  • upgrade: Update existing runner profile during server upgrade & change naming convention of initial runner profile [GH-3490]

With Love,
The Waypoint Team

Changelog - waypoint/CHANGELOG.md at v0.9.0 · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub
Binaries - waypoint v0.9.0 Binaries | HashiCorp Releases

Due to the changes in runner management, we cannot guarantee that all Waypoint components (i.e. CLI, entrypoint, and server) are forwards and backwards compatible. If your server is installed on Kubernetes or ECS, please review the upgrade guide.

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