Waypoint 0.7.2 released

We apologize for not posting this release note with the actual 0.7.2 release, which was done on February 24, 2022.


  • Targetable Runners: Allow apps and projects to target specific runner profiles.
    Allow runner profiles to target specific remote runners. [GH-2862]
  • Introduce executing Trigger URL configurations via HTTP . Users can
    start a trigger via HTTP and stream the job event stream output directly over
    http. [GH-2970]


  • plugin/docker: Add parameter to disable the build cache [GH-2953]


  • cli: Fix panic on nil value for project [GH-2968]
  • cli: Replace panic with message when attempting to config get -app without a -project flag while outside a project directory [GH-3039]
  • cli: requires -app flag if config set -scope=app is set [GH-3040]
  • server: Cache Horizon hostname URL lookup when listing deployments in the
    UI_ListDeployments bundle . Now we look up the deployment URL once, and craft
    the deployment URLs based on the original hostname lookup. [GH-2950]
  • ui: fixed issue with focus jumping back to the skip link on automatic refresh [GH-3019]