Waypoint 0.3.0 Released

We released Waypoint 0.3.0!

Please see the announcement blog post .



  • ui: dropped support for Internet Explorer [GH-1075]


  • GitOps: Poll for changes and automatically run waypoint up . Waypoint can now trigger a full build, deploy, release cycle on changes detected in Git. [GH-1109]
  • Runners: Run Waypoint operations remotely . Runners are standalone processes that run operations such as builds, deploys, etc. remotely. [GH-1167] [GH-1171]
  • AWS Lambda : Add support for building and deploying AWS Lambda workloads [GH-1097]
  • Dockerless image builds : Waypoint can now build, tag, pull, and push Docker images in unprivileged environments without a Docker daemon. [GH-970]
  • cli: New waypoint fmt command will autoformat your waypoint.hcl files [GH-1037]
  • config: timestamp function allows you to avail the current date and time in your Waypoint configuration. [GH-1255]
  • ui: Add ability to create a project from the browser UI [GH-1220]
  • ui: Add ability to configure a project’s git settings from the browser UI [GH-1057]
  • ui: Add ability to input a waypoint.hcl configuration from the browser UI [GH-1253]


  • cli: Require confirmation before destroying all resources [GH-1232]
  • cli: Can specify the number of deployments to prune for up and release . [GH-1230]
  • cli: Support and render new documentation subfields [GH-1213]
  • plugin/docker-pull: doesn’t require Docker if no registry is configured and entrypoint injection is disabled [GH-1198]
  • plugin/k8s: Add new probe configuration options [GH-1246]
  • plugin/k8s: plugin will attempt in-cluster auth first if no kubeconfig file is specified [GH-1052] [GH-1103]
  • server: Prune old deployments and jobs from server memory. This limits the number of deployments and jobs to 10,000. The data for the old entries is still stored on disk but it is not indexed in memory, to allow data recovery should it be needed. [GH-1193]


  • core: default releasers initialize properly when they use HCL variables [GH-1254]
  • cli: require at least one argument [GH-1188]
  • plugin/aws/alb: clamp alb name per aws limits [GH-1225]
  • ui: output failed build errors in logs [GH-1280]

A full list of changes for this release can be found in the changelog .

The Waypoint Team

Changelog - https://github.com/hashicorp/waypoint/blob/v0.3.0/CHANGELOG.md
Binaries - https://releases.hashicorp.com/waypoint/0.3.0