Waypoint v0.8.2 released

Hey all! The Waypoint team has released a minor release, version 0.8.2, of Waypoint! Below is the changelog:


  • cli: Output message if no runners are found for ‘runner list’ [GH-3266]
  • core: git cloning now supports recursively cloning submodules [GH-3351]
  • plugin/aws-lambda: Add platform config validation. [GH-3193]
  • plugin/aws-lambda: add support for lambda storage size [GH-3213]
  • plugin/k8s: Add CPU and memory resource limits to on-demand runners through runner profiles and at install time. These resource limits follow the same format that kubernetes expects within spec.containers[].resources. [GH-3307]
  • plugin/lambda: Add static_environment to deploy plugin [GH-3282]
  • plugin/nomad-jobspec: Add configuration option to parse jobspec as HCL1 instead of HCL2 [GH-3287]
  • plugin/nomad: Support Consul & Vault tokens for job submission [GH-3222]


  • builtin/k8s: Ensure pod.container.static_environment is applied [GH-3197]
  • cli: Fix missing bootstrap hint with server run command [GH-3196]
  • cli: Prevent panic when releasing unsuccessful deployments [GH-3207]
  • cli: Show better error message when there are no Waypoint contexts when attempting
    to open the UI [GH-3262]
  • install/nomad: Add support for CSI params & secrets to Nomad install [GH-3279]
  • install/nomad: Fix DB directory for Nomad install [GH-3261]
  • internal/cli: Fix waypoint exec workspace selection [GH-3226]
  • plugin/docker: support remote operations for docker-pull plugin [GH-3253]
  • plugin/k8s: Ensure container=docker environment variable is set for Kaniko
    to properly detect running inside a container, which prevented on-demand
    runners from working on Kubernetes 1.23. [GH-3322]
  • server: fix issue cleaning up tasks in Kubernetes that completed successfully [GH-3299]

Thank you!

The Waypoint Team

Changelog - https://github.com/hashicorp/waypoint/blob/v0.8.2/CHANGELOG.md

Binaries - https://releases.hashicorp.com/waypoint/0.8.2

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