Waypoint 0.8.0 released!

We released Waypoint 0.8.0!



  • Targetable Runners with Labels : Waypoint now supports runner profiles that target specific on-demand runners by labels. Projects and/or Apps can be configured to use a specific runner profile, identified by name. The runner profile will target all operations to a specific on-demand runner by ID, or labels on the runner. [GH-3145]
  • cli: Introduce a new CLI command for job management and inspection waypoint job . [GH-3067]
  • core, cli: Support setting variables to sensitive and obfuscate those values in outputs [GH-3138]
  • plugin/nomad: Nomad jobspec canary promotion releaser [GH-2938]


  • cli: Add waypoint runner inspect command [GH-3004]
  • cli: Add a way for waypoint context create to set the Waypoint server platform [GH-3055]
  • cli: Display count of instance connections in deployment status reports [GH-3043]
  • cli: Introduce a -dangerously-force flag to attempt to force cancel a job [GH-3102]
  • cli: Print operation sequence ids and pushed artifact id [GH-3081]
  • cli: runner list shows runner labels [GH-3133]
  • cli: runner profile set deprecates the -env-vars flag in favor of the -env-var flag instead. [GH-3136]
  • cli: runner profile command set now supports target runner labels [GH-3145]
  • core: runners automatically reconnect on startup if the server is unavailable or becomes unavailable during the startup process [GH-3087]
  • core: runners can have labels, which are used for targeting and metadata [GH-2954]
  • core: runners can tolerate a server outage during job execution and will wait for the server to come back online [GH-3119]
  • plugin/aws-ecr: Output architecture from Docker image input [GH-3046]
  • plugin/ecs: Add cpu_architecture aws-ecs parameter to support deploying Docker images built by the Apple M1 chip on ECS [GH-3068]
  • plugin/aws-lambda: Default lambda architecture to Docker/ECR image architecture [GH-3046]
  • plugin/docker: Output architecture from Docker builder [GH-3046]
  • plugin/k8s: don’t error if previous deployment is not found during cleanup [GH-3070]
  • plugin/nomad: Resource manager for Nomad jobspec [GH-2938]


  • ceb: Fix connecting to servers with TLS verification [GH-3167]
  • cli: Fix panic in waypoint plugin CLI [GH-3095]
  • cli: Fix panic when attempting to reinstall autocomplete [GH-2986]
  • cli: Fix the -set-default flag on waypoint context create [GH-3044]
  • core: Ensure remote runners have dynamic config sources overrides for evaluating defaults for job variables. [GH-3171]
  • core: Fix panic when running waypoint build remotely outside of project directory. [GH-3165]
  • core: Fix panic where on-demand runner config was nil before starting task [GH-3054]
  • plugin/alb: Handle DuplicateListener errors from aws-alb releaser [GH-3035]
  • plugin/aws-alb: Use Route53 zone id when destroying a resource record [GH-3076]
  • plugin/docker: Add Docker auth support for builder and platform, and add config options for docker-pull auth and registry auth [GH-2895]
  • plugin/k8s: clean up pending pods from cancelled jobs [GH-3143]
  • plugin/k8s: fix issue when destroying multiple deployments [GH-3111]
  • plugin/nomad: Fix Nomad job namespace when using ODRs [GH-2896]
  • server: Fix project poll job singleton id to only include application on project poll jobs if exist. Otherwise, only include the workspace and project. [GH-3158]
  • ui: Fix missing links to resources [GH-3172]
  • ui: fix missing link on release detail page [GH-3142]

The Waypoint Team

Changelog - waypoint/CHANGELOG.md at v0.8.0 · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub
Binaries - waypoint v0.8.0 Binaries | HashiCorp Releases

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