Waypoint 0.10.0 Released

We released Waypoint 0.10.0!



  • core: Custom Pipelines as a Tech Preview gives users the ability to define custom pipelines to run various Waypoint actions such as a build, deploy, release, up and more for deploying applications. Waypoint will monitor and log each pipeline run, associated jobs, and show the results of executing that pipeline. [GH-3777]
  • core: Project Destroy Introduce a new CLI command project destroy to delete projects in Waypoint and destroy their associated resources [GH-3626]
  • CLI: New waypoint.hcl interactive generator, accessed with waypoint init when no waypoint.hcl exists in the current project [GH-3704]


  • CLI: Nomad CSI volumes names can be specified during installation and upgrades for both Waypoint runners and Waypoint server installations [GH-3546]
  • cli/runnerinstall: The runner profile created by runner install sets target labels
    instead of a target runner ID on the runner profile, if the user supplied label flags [GH-3755]
  • cli: Add option to waypoint logs command to get a specific deployment’s logs [GH-3656]
  • cli: Fix incorrect description for destroy -h command. [GH-3580]
  • cli: Implement waypoint job get-stream to allow users to attach to running job
    streams and receieve output, or get the output from an existing job stream that
    already finished. [GH-3410]
  • cli: Internal-only labels on runners are hidden from CLI output for waypoint runner list and waypoint runner inspect [GH-3746]
  • install/runner: Allow additional arguments for waypoint runner agent command
    to be supplied to waypoint runner install CLI [GH-3746]
  • internal/runnerinstall: Fix order of error checking and make error message more specific [GH-3772]
  • plugin/k8s: Add ephemeral-storage resource limits to on-demand runners through runner profiles. [GH-3676]
  • plugin/nomad: Implement WatchTask plugin for Nomad task launcher. Store Nomad on-demand runner logs in the job system. [GH-3797]
  • plugin/nomad: nomad-jobspec deployments will no longer utilize the
    nomad-jobspec-canary releaser by default. [GH-3359]
  • serverinstall/ecs: Improve server upgrade process by stopping task and reducing
    target group drain time [GH-3564]
  • ui: Fix header spacing on build/release detail pages [GH-3614]
  • ui: Make it clearer that remote runners are required for GitOps [GH-3615]
  • ui: Update alert copy to reflect change that we are no longer removing project definitively in 0.10.0 [GH-3604]


  • cli/install/k8s: Fixes the k8s installer race condition with the bootstrap token [GH-3744]
  • cli/runnerinstall: Fix output error message for missing arguments on Nomad runner installation [GH-3761]
  • cli/runnerinstall: The runner profile created by runner install no longer sets
    the profile as the default, and appends the runner ID to the name of the profile
    for uniqueness [GH-3755]
  • cli/serverinstall/nomad: Add service discovery provider configuration
    to server install for Nomad. [GH-3500]
  • cli: Do not set runner profile defaultness to false if default flag not specified. [GH-3702]
  • cli: Fix issue where the CLI would exit with no error or action taken if a local
    waypoint.hcl file was invalid [GH-3657]
  • cli: Fix order of CLI outputs during install [GH-3729]
  • cli: Only show runner profile default deletion hint if more than 0 default
    profiles are detected on upgrades. [GH-3688]
  • cli: Set plugin configuration on runner profile created during runner install [GH-3699]
  • cli: Set the subnet and security group ID configs for the ECS task launcher plugin
    during an ECS runner install [GH-3701]
  • cli: deployment destroy will now attempt to destroy any known resources for failed
    deployments. Previously, destroy would skip unsuccessful deployments. [GH-3602]
  • cli: runner profile delete deletes by name rather than the user-invisible ID. [GH-3803]
  • cli: runner profile set does not create entries with duplicate names. [GH-3803]
  • core/runner: Default to odr oci image url for runner profiles created via runner install [GH-3800]
  • core/runner: Server no longer panics when a runner stopped after it is forgotten. [GH-3756]
  • core: prune releases which released deployments that are being pruned during
    a release [GH-3730]
  • internal/pkg/gitdirty: Fix an issue detecting dirty local source code when using git@ remotes. [GH-3636]
  • plugin/nomad-jobspec-canary: Retrieve the status of the correct Nomad job for the
    job resource [GH-3766]
  • ui: Add label to “follow logs” button [GH-3732]
  • ui: Make UI more resilient to invalid state JSON [GH-3786]
  • upgrade: Nomad server upgrade upgrade now detects runners with the name
    waypoint-runner or waypoint-static-runner [GH-3804]
  • upgrade: Update ECS server upgrade to respect -ecs-server-image flag when the
    existing server image is hashicorp/waypoint:latest [GH-3820]

The Waypoint Team

Changelog - https://github.com/hashicorp/waypoint/blob/v0.10.0/CHANGELOG.md
Binaries - https://releases.hashicorp.com/waypoint/0.10.0