Waypoint 0.10.4 Released

We released Waypoint 0.10.4!


  • plugin/ecs: Accept ALB security group IDs. [GH-4230]
  • plugin/packer: A Packer config sourcer plugin to source machine image IDs from
  • an HCP Packer channel. [GH-4251]


    • cli/runnerinstall: Check if runner is registered to the server before
  • attempting to forget it. [GH-3944]
  • cli/runnerinstall: Delete EFS file system during ECS runner uninstall. [GH-3944]
  • cli: project destroy requires the -project or -p flag regardless of where it’s run. [GH-4212]
  • cli: Pipeline run now shows the number of steps successfully executed for a failed run. [GH-4268]


  • cli/context: Fix possible error when listing contexts if a non-Waypoint context file exists in the context directory. [GH-4257]
  • cli: Ensure a deploy and release URL has a scheme included if not set. [GH-4208]
  • cli: project destroy now successfully destroys a project created in the UI without a remote source or local waypoint.hcl file. [GH-4212]
  • plugin/nomad: Update Nomad task launcher plugin to use entrypoint config - fixes
  • pipeline exec steps run in Nomad. [GH-4185]
  • plugin/vault: Fix usage of dynamic secrets from Vault for dynamic Waypoint app config. [GH-3988]

The Waypoint Team

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