Waypoint v0.11.2 released!

We released Waypoint v0.11.2!


  • cli,server: Introduce explicit delete endpoint for CLI and Server for Config
    and Config Sourcers. [GH-4754]
  • cli: Use -w flag for workspace scoping on config set and config delete,
    instead of workspace-scope. [GH-4770]
  • plugin/aws-ecs: Add config options for the target group protocol and protocol
    version. [GH-4742]
  • runnerinstall/nomad: Add CLI flags for setting custom CPU and memory resources. [GH-4798]
  • serverinstall/nomad: Add config flag -nomad-host-network for specifying the
    host network of the Waypoint server Nomad job’s gRPC and HTTP (UI) ports. [GH-4804]


  • auth: Prevent a runner token from generating a new token for a different runner [GH-4707]
  • builtin: de-dupe various hcl annotation keys [GH-4701]
  • cli: Honor runner install -platform arg [GH-4699]
  • config-sources: Return correct workspace-scoped config sources at the global
    scope, when a workspace is specified. [GH-4774]
  • config: Remove extra eval context append for parsing configs which caused a slowdown during pipeline config parsing. [GH-4744]
  • plugin/aws-ecs: Destroy the ALB only if it is managed by Waypoint. [GH-4742]
  • plugin/aws-ecs: Fix failure when destroying the target group during a release
    destroy operation. [GH-4742]
  • plugin/aws-ecs: Fix panic when settings grpc_code or http_code for a health
    check. [GH-4742]
  • plugin/aws-ecs: Set the protocol of a health check correctly. [GH-4742]
  • plugin/azure-aci: Update plugin to attempt CLI auth if environment auth fails. [GH-4763]
  • plugin/ecs: Make alb.load_balancer_arn optional [GH-4729]
  • plugin/ecs: Set health check timeout and interval values to compatible default
    values. [GH-4767]
  • runnerinstall/aws-ecs: Add missing permission to on-demand runner IAM policy. [GH-4742]
  • runneruninstall/aws-ecs: Fix deletion of file system for AWS ECS runner. [GH-4792]

The Waypoint Team

Changelog - https://github.com/hashicorp/waypoint/blob/v0.11.2/CHANGELOG.md
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