Waypoint v0.11.0 Released

We released Waypoint v0.11.0!

As part of our v0.11.0 release, we are improving our documentation experience for Waypoint plugins in our new Integration library on HashiCorp Developer. Currently all plugins included in the library are built-in to Waypoint, but we will eventually open up the library to include community plugins.

Please checkout our Upgrade Guides for information on upgrading to the latest Waypoint release.



  • server: Add pagination protobuffs and stubs for pagination in ListProjects [GH-4203]


  • cli: waypoint job cancel now outputs additional insights when trying to cancel a running job. [GH-4294]
  • cli: add socket-path flag to runner install [GH-4246]
  • core: waypoint job list will now retrieve paginated list of jobs to avoid grpc data limits per request [GH-4271]
  • core: improve runner job stream error logging [GH-3872]
  • install/nomad: Allow mount options to be specified when provisioning a volume with CSI plugins [GH-4387]
  • plugin/aws: Add CORS configuration to lambda-function-url releaser [GH-4418]
  • plugin/tfc: Allow non-string tfc outputs to be used as waypoint.hcl dynamic default variables [GH-4357]
  • plugin/tfc: Allow reading all outputs from a tfc workspace with a single variable stanza [GH-4357]
  • plugins/k8s: Add prune_whitelist option to only prune specific resources [GH-4345]
  • plugins/k8s: Add security_context to the TaskLauncherConfig (on-demand runner configuration) [GH-4346]
  • server: Add UI_GetDeployment convenience endpoint [GH-3856]
  • server: Enable gRPC-Gateway on the http port of Waypoint server to add in an HTTP API for interfacing [GH-4379]


  • aws/lambda: fix issue where deployment configuration was not injected in to Lambda function environments, preventing waypoint-entrypoint from authenticating with the Waypoint server [GH-4328]
  • cli/snapshot: Fix server snapshot when a config source is set. [GH-4523]
  • cli: Fix panic in waypoint pipeline list and waypoint pipeline inspect where a pipeline run was given with no jobs. [GH-4424]
  • cli: Show full command flags when displaying help text for waypoint runner inspect. [GH-4435]
  • install/nomad: Fix connectivity to Waypoint server from the CLI at the end of the Nomad server install. [GH-4363]
  • plugin/aws-ecs: Fix bringing your own alb to ecs deployments. [GH-4457]
  • plugin/k8s-apply: Update the prune_whitelist param to match the updated parameter in kubectl apply, prune_allowlist. It also ensures this param in the plugin is optional and not a hard requirement to use the k8s apply plugin. [GH-4517]
  • ui: fix safari bug with xterm/webgl rendering [GH-4054]
  • upgrade: Fixes a bug where pre-v0.10.4 config sources could not be updated or deleted. [GH-4382]


The Waypoint Team

Changelog - waypoint/CHANGELOG.md at main · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub

Binaries - Waypoint v0.11.0 Binaries | HashiCorp Releases

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