C API to Terraform providers?

Years ago I wrote (Apache-2.0 OR MIT) wrappers around Apache Libcloud in Python for my multi-cloud abstraction libraries. It’s great, and supports 50+ different public and private clouds.

Now, I’m tossing up betwixt the different languages to rewrite the whole system in. Likely, I’ll write the bulk of it in C (C89, the old ANSI C); maybe with some configuration management done in Rust.

Unfortunately there are no good/maintained abstracted cloud [de]provisioning/upload/configuration libraries in those languages. Cursory research shows Terraform as the only [maintained & large] library written with a non-VM language. Congrats!

Are you planning to expose C-APIs; perhaps via Go’s builtin C meta-package; so this can be used from other languages?

Thanks for considering this feature

PS: Would also welcome alternative suggestions; and if you don’t have time but would accept a contribution from me with this [Jan 2021?]