Call to sys/init API results in "core: barrier reports initialized but no seal configuration found"

Vault status -

[root@jade-cw01 ~]# curl --insecure -g -s https://[2001:db8:1234::39d5]:8200/v1/sys/seal-status

trying to initialize -
[root@jade-cw01 ~]# curl --insecure -g -s --request PUT --data ‘{“secret_shares”: 1, “secret_threshold”: 1}’ https://[2001:db8:1234::39d5]:8200/v1/sys/init
{“errors”:[“core: barrier reports initialized but no seal configuration found”]}

What is going on? I need some help

I need some help understanding what is causing that API to return that error?

I’m encountering this while experimenting—I’m running Vault with the Consul backend, and I deleted the vault folder from the Consul k/v store.

In older versions of Vault, removing that folder would permit re-initializing Vault with new keys, but now I get the error you’re reporting—so it seems that there’s some “I’m initialized” state either stored elsewhere in Consul, or in one of the Vault nodes themselves.

More research is required, will follow-up once I learn something.

Confirmed: removing the entire vault/ key from the Consul kv store (instead of just leaving the key intact and removing the nodes beneath it) lets me re-initialize the Vault.

So it looks like @rishabkatta you might have a a vault key in Consul which is preventing Vault from initializing.

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