Can nomad kill a job after a timeout?

I have not seen any parameter to set this, but I would like to configure a max-runtime parameter for a job, and have nomad kill the job if it is still running past that timeout.

Is there such a feature in nomad?

Hi @ntrevallyn, this is not possible within Nomad.

I understand it would be very useful, however, this type of functionality is traditionally outside of Nomad’s authority as it would need to accurately monitor the running time of such jobs and is technically challenging to implement. That being said, it might be worth raising this as a feature request against the Nomad repository to gather additional views.

jrasell and the Nomad team

the following already exists, could it be the same functionality you need @ntrevallyn

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Thank you @ shantanugadgil for the heads-up.

I can add my upvote to the request, but it does seem like it is unlikely to happen anytime soon…

Agreed, I see a lot of Jenkins like functionality which would be eased with this potential feature. :slight_smile: