Can the Nomad UI title be modified?

We have a number of Nomad servers running in different environments, and when you have multiple Nomad tabs together, it’s difficult to see which is which without inspecting the URL. Is there any way we can configure the Nomad HTML title element so we can add some context (like we can with Fabio)?

I’m no front-end developer, but looking at the source code, it appears to be hard-coded?

Thanks for any tips,

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Hi @wenslayer!

The short answer is no, the title cannot be configured.

The slightly longer answer is that the title is dynamic, for instance you can see how the title changes to include the job name here.

Given this, it’s not hard to imagine this feature being implemented some day, so thank you for the request!

To better keep track of requests, could you please file this as an issue in GitHub?

Thank you!

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