Can we create acl policy/tokens via web ui

Hope you’re doing great.

Can we create/delete acl tokens & policies via nomad web ui. The acl page in web ui of consul is really impressive through which we can create or delete management/client tokens and policies as well.

Is this possible with nomad ui or any plan to add this feature into it.

Thank you

Hi @smartaquarius10,

Unfortunately you can not manage ACL tokens or policies in the web UI yet. The good news is this is definitely on our roadmap!

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Oh great. Is there anyway We can get a notification once hashicorp release that update.

Hi @smartaquarius10 , just wanted to give you an update on this: we shipped this feature in Nomad 1.5! You can now manage (view, delete, and create) tokens via the web UI in addition to general policy management. See [ui] Token management interface on policy pages by philrenaud · Pull Request #15435 · hashicorp/nomad · GitHub for more details.

Oh great. Thank you for the update.