Can we use 'optional attributes experiment' feature in terraform 1.0?

It’s still experimental version in document.
Experimental: This function is part of the optional attributes experiment and is only available in modules where the module_variable_optional_attrs experiment is explicitly enabled.

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Hi @m1n9o,

This feature is still experimental in 1.0, and is likely to change – possibly in incompatible ways – before stabilization. Various feedback so far has shown that the current design is not as intuitive as we’d like and has some limitations that mean it stops short of meeting all of the use-cases it set out to solve, and so we’re intending to run another design phase and at least one more iteration of this experiment before we consider the result to be stable.


What is the recommended communications channel for feedback?

I just wanted to say, that I was able to implement multiple use-cases with the feature that would not be possible without it. Therefore, I hope the feature or a feature with equivalent capabilities will stay in Terraform.

Hi, how can I ‘+1’ the ‘module_variable_optional_attrs’. It’s really helpful to me.

Or are chances high it will eventually end up in ‘production’ state ?

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