Update on experiment for optionals

Hi, I was wondering whether there is any news on whether the ‘module_variable_optional_attrs’ experiment is going to be incorporated into HCL? It looks like something that will be very useful going forward.

Hi @fergoid,

Based on feedback from the initial experiment we’ve concluded that the current design is not sufficient and we are intending to do at least one experimental iteration before finalizing it.

However, we also currently have the whole team working on refactoring features for the forthcoming Terraform v1.1 release and so the experiments are all effectively on hold at least until that work is complete.

I’m looking forward to working on that particular problem again myself, because I agree it’s a useful additional capability, but as always we need to make tough prioritization decisions because there are only so many projects we can work on at the same time.

Thanks for the update.

If we can keep the same functionality that is there today; that would be great. How it works today has worked in the majority of situations I have used it for. So I hope what is there will continue to work and not change too significantly.

The final design is likely to be subtly incompatbile with the current experiment, but not significantly so. However, that does still remain to be seen, because we’ve not yet completed the design for the next version of the experiment.

The purpose of experiments is to allow iterating on a feature in a way that might not be compatible with previous iterations.