Cannot integrate ingress controller nginx with consul

I want kubernetess nginx ingress controller to be a gateway to consul service mesh.
For this I follow description here :
1. Configure Ingress Controllers for Consul on Kubernetes | Consul | HashiCorp Developer
and also example posted on the page linked above in point 1:
2. GitHub - dhiaayachi/eks-consul-ingressnginx: This a basic deployment to show case using nginx as ingress with Consul in transparent mode

So I just deployed above example , but on local docker-desctop k8s cluster instead of on aks.

So I made no changes to the code, just cloned repo and applied with helm.
I also tried my own attempts following configuration steps described under link number 1.

I always end up with thing like this:
k get po
I get:
ingress-nginx-controller-546cccdf66-7z65t | 0/2 | Init:1/2 | 3 (5m18s ago) | 26m

and when I get logs with command:
k logs ingress-nginx-controller-5fcf5957bf-5dtnm -c consul-connect-inject-init

I get:
2022-10-19T11:05:44.334Z [ERROR] Timed out waiting for service registration: error=“Get "[“pod-name”]+%3D%3D+“ingress-nginx-controller-5fcf5957bf-5dtnm”+and+Meta[“k8s-namespace”]+%3D%3D+“ingress-nginx”+\”: dial tcp connect: no route to host"

So consul-connect-inject-init init container tries to request consul api for services but for some reason we get no route to host.
I did a test, got an IP address of consul-server POD, then from within some POD in a cluster I just made request
wget http://<here_pod_ip>:8500/v1/agent/services
and got 200 OK.

So looks like ingress controller pod has badly configured IP of agent to request service from.

Why is that, what I am missing?

I am doing it on clean k8s local cluster deployed by docker-desctop on mac with ARM64 architecture

For some reason this happen only when run on docker-desctop k8s kluster. When run on minikube no such things. Actually I have no idea why. Can someone explain it, any idea. So I will continue my tests on minikube . There no issue any more from my perspective.