Cassandra database integration issue with upstream application using service mesh


I have a consul cluster deployed on VMs with service mesh enabled.

I have a cassandra database cluster of 5 nodes.

Consul agent is deployed on the cassandra nodes and the cassandra service registered with the consul cluster.

I have deployed envoy proxy on these nodes and running. They are in healthy state and listening and can be seen from the consul cluster UI.

Now, I deployed some fake service on another VM and registered this service with consul cluster and started the envoy proxy for the same and the upstream set to cassandra service.

I tried to test the communication by running a sample python script that connects with the cassandra service using localhost:<local_port> . It gives me below error:

NoHostAvailable: (‘Unable to connect to any servers’, {‘’: error(104, ‘Connection reset by peer’)})

What can be going wrong here? Proxy configurations are default here and intentions are allowed between these services.


The above issue is resolved. The cassandra service was not running on localhost so the envoy proxy could not forward it.