CDKTF C# Terraform plan gives Unable to find remote state

Hi Terraform CDKTF C# team
I made a thread two weeks ago regarding the project structure.
The final resulting structure are multiple resource stacks:

There’s only one issue I’m having. If I try to run Terraform plan within the Kubernetes as well as Networking stack, I get the following error:

.\terraform.exe plan
data.terraform_remote_state.Kubernetes_crossstackreferenceinputNetwork_0E12A4F6: Reading...
data.terraform_remote_state.Kubernetes_crossstackreferenceinputResourceGroup_921D924C: Reading...
data.terraform_remote_state.Kubernetes_crossstackreferenceinputResourceGroup_921D924C: Still reading... [10s elapsed]
data.terraform_remote_state.Kubernetes_crossstackreferenceinputNetwork_0E12A4F6: Still reading... [10s elapsed]
│ Error: Unable to find remote state
│   with data.terraform_remote_state.Kubernetes_crossstackreferenceinputNetwork_0E12A4F6,
│   on line 18, in data.terraform_remote_state.Kubernetes_crossstackreferenceinputNetwork_0E12A4F6:
│   18:         "workspace": "${terraform.workspace}"
│ No stored state was found for the given workspace in the given backend.

The same error applies even after initialising and planning the ResourceGroup stack
What am I missing? The ResourceGroup stack is planning, same as the Storage stack but that’s obvious as those don’t have “dependencies”, unlike the Networking and Kubernetes stacks

Thank you as always!

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