Changing the port of an ECS deployment

I might be missing something here, but I can’t seem to change the port that my app runs on when using the aws-ecs plugin for deployment.

I understand I can supply an ARN of an ALB listener, but how would I go about changing the security groups on the created ENI for example?


I’ve noticed this as well. Looking at the source, it appears to be hard-coded.

Yeah, we meant to make that be an optional configuration option, but looks like didn’t make it into 0.1. Feel free to open a GithHub PR/Issue or we we’ll get to it shortly too.

Hi Mbamber!

Following up on this - we merged a PR today that enables users to change the listening port for ECS. You can see that PR here if you are curious - PR 661.

Sorry again for missing this on the initial release. This capability will officially be included on the next release we cut. Stay tuned!