How to provide existing ALB arn in the ECS deploy?

I’m trying to provide existing ALB to the ECS plugin through alb.listener_arn but getting syntax error or asking for certificate ARN

There is another variable in the AWS ECS plugin for alb.certificate , perhaps sharing yours (without any sensitive info) waypoint.hcl file without would help? The ECS examples I’ve seen create infra like the ALB for you, whereas your situation is different (bring your own ALB), so the examples or docs could probably be improved to shows that scenario too.

To do this, you provide the arn of an existing listener to alb.listener. That listener should already be attached to an ALB and can be configured however you’d like.

I can’t get this to work, setting listener_arn errors out and says it requires certificate, zone_id and domain_name but setting all of them I get “When using an existing listener, Route53 setup is not available”

Im wondering about this aswell. I run into the same limitations as @supergibbs