Use existing AWS target group config via waypoint

is there a waypoint.hcl example on how to configure a deployment for an existing target group for aws ecs?
I saw the output attribute target_group_arn in aws-ecs plugin but couldnt really find a example how exactly to use it with the arn.

The target_group_arn as specified in the docs is only available as an output. Since this is output as after the deploy step in the aws-ecs plugin, and since the aws-ecs plugin uses the default Releaser, there’s not currently a place within the waypoint.hcl where this variable could be referenced. (aws-ecs uses the default releaser because it can only be used with the ECS deployment plugin due to the integration needed with the target groups and ALBs.)
We don’t currently support specifying your own pre-existing Target Group.

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Thank you for the feedback.
Just for you to have a full picture on why I am asking that… Every time I execute the pipeline with waypoint a new target group with default health check settings is created. My application does not work with these default settings. So I was looking for a way to reuse an existing target group or preconfigure these health check settings. Right now I have to manually change these values.

That makes sense. So either a way to specify a specific target group, or a way to specify those settings on the auto-created target group. Would you be able to open a github issue around this?

I just did, here it is:

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Thank you! This will keep it on our radar for our planning!