AWS ECS release not waiting for healthy targets

We’re using waypoint to deploy into ECS (fargate) with remote runners. ECS reports that the deploy is successful as soon as it starts the containers in the task but does not wait for the containers to reach RUNNING state. What we want is for the release to check that there are healthy targets in the ALB from the deployment phase and either sleep and try again, or fail the release.

The way we tried to go about this was first creating a post-deploy hook, but the ALB ARN isn’t available at that point, so we then tried to create a pre-release hook but that fails with ‘release manager not implemented’

Am I missing something here? The aws-ecs plugin does not have any docs for releasing, and I’m stumped.

We are using waypoint 0.9.1

Hey @kris! Would you mind providing your waypoint.hcl file, as well as the logs from your deployment?