Waypoint 0.4 Released

We released Waypoint 0.4!

Please see the announcement blog post .


  • Mutable Deployments : Waypoint now supports the concept of “mutable” deployments where a deployment updates an existing resource rather than creating something new. New plugins in this release include deploying from a Nomad job file, Kubernetes apply from a directory or file, and more. [GH-1298]
  • Status Reports : Waypoint now supports a new feature for reporting on the health of deployments or releases. Waypoint surfaces a deployment and or releases status by relying on an existing platform for health checks. A status is responsible for reporting the health of a deployed service by representing its states as Ready, Alive, Partial, Down, or Unknown. Platform health reporting lets teams take action quickly depending on the health of their applications. Currently, the Kubernetes, Nomad, AWS ALB, and Docker built-in plugins support the new Status reporting, with more support on the way! [GH-1488]
  • config: Add ability to define internal variables and compose variables together via templating [GH-1382]
  • config: Add ability to write configuration values as files rather than environment variables. [GH-1395]
  • config: jsonnetfile and jsonnetdir functions for processing Jsonnet files and converting them to JSON. [GH-1360]
  • plugin/aws-alb: Report on status of releases [GH-1567]
  • plugin/docker: Add reporting on status of a deployment [GH-1487]
  • plugin/k8s: A new plugin “kubernetes-apply” that is able to deploy any typical directory of YAML or JSON files to Kubernetes [GH-1357]
  • plugin/k8s: Add reporting on status of a deployment and release [GH-1547]
  • plugin/nomad: A new plugin “nomad-jobspec” for deploying a Nomad job specification directly. [GH-1299]
  • plugin/nomad: Add reporting on status of a deployment [GH-1554]
  • server/ecs: Use --platform=ecs to install waypoint server to AWS ECS using Fargate [GH-1564]
  • ui: Add reporting on status of a deployment [GH-1559]
  • ui: Mutable deployments support on web dashboard. [GH-1549]


  • internal/config: add ${workspace} variable [GH-1419]
  • plugin/pack: Support for non-default process types [GH-1475]
  • plugins/docker: Add support build context [GH-1490]


  • plugin/k8s: destroy deployment on error [GH-1528]
  • plugin/pack: Upgrade pack package to fix downloading remote buildpacks [GH-1452]
  • server: Fix a bug that sometimes sends duplicate cancellation messages [GH-1538]
  • server: fix order of log lines when showing logs from multiple instances [GH-1441]
  • ui/checkbox-inputs-safari: Custom Inputs in the browser Ui now render properly on all supported browsers [GH-1312]
  • ui: unread log count resets after scrolling [GH-1373]


  • plugin/netlify: Removed the netlify plugin [GH-1525]