Check Point provider: Error json unsupported type when running the check point function to add an access role

here is the documentation:

here is my source code:
resource “checkpoint_management_access_role” “admins” {
name = “FW_Security_Admin”
users {
source = “Internal User Groups”
selection = [“testgroup”]

here is the summary from “terraform plan” :

checkpoint_management_access_role.admins will be created

  • resource “checkpoint_management_access_role” “admins” {
    • color = “black”

    • id = (known after apply)

    • ignore_errors = false

    • ignore_warnings = false

    • name = “FW_Security_Admin”

    • users {

      • selection = [
        • “testgroup”,
      • source = “Internal User Groups”

here is the output after “terraform apply” :
Error: json: unsupported type: schema.SchemaSetFunc

  on line 21, in resource "checkpoint_management_access_role" "admins":
  21: resource "checkpoint_management_access_role" "admins" {

does anyone know what i’m doing wrong?

Hi @raaverook,

I’m not sure what’s going on here but the wording of the error message suggests a bug in the provider, because sche,a.SchemaSetFunc is an API concept from the Terraform plugin SDK and not something you’d be interacting with as an end-user.

It might help to report this problem in the Check Point provider repository.