Cisco ACI authentication domain

Is there a way how to specify authentication domain in Cisco ACI provider. I tried to configure username in the format “apic:domain\user” but it doesn’t work.

provider “aci” {
username = “apic:LOCAL_LDN\user”
password = “xxxxx”
url = “
insecure = true

terraform.exe apply

aci_tenant.test-tenant: Creating…

Error: invalid character ‘s’ in \u hexadecimal character escape

on line 8, in resource “aci_tenant” “test-tenant”:
8: resource “aci_tenant” “test-tenant” {

The HTML editor removes backslashes.

Try adding 4 backslashes before the user. One backslash to escape each backslash.

It should look like this:
provider “aci” {
username = “apic:LOCAL_LDN\\\\user”
password = var.aci_password
url = var.aci_url
insecure = true