Code: 500 * "my-role" is not an allowed role


I am testing Oracle plugin using vault-plugin-database-oracle , as per documentation I have followed all the steps till role creation and it is failing when try to generate Dynamic Credentials

vault --version Vault v1.2.3

I am getting below error

vault read database/roles/my-role
Key Value

creation_statements [CREATE USER user_c IDENTIFIED BY user_c; GRANT CONNECT TO user_c; GRANT CREATE SESSION TO user_c;]
db_name my-oracle-database
default_ttl 10h
max_ttl 24h

Failing at the below step

vault read database/creds/my-role
Error reading database/creds/my-role: Error making API request.

Code: 500. Errors:

  • 1 error occurred:
    • “my-role” is not an allowed role

Please advise

Any suggestion on documentation/architecture of how vault metadata interacts with database will be helpful.?

Double check the vault write database/config - are you setting:

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Thanks much Mike, I was able to get through the issue.