Community Office Hours: Terraform Plugin SDK

Join us for our very first Plugin SDK Community Office Hours on January 21st at 12p EST/9a PST/1700 GMT! We plan on holding these monthly, and they will be focused on Terraform Plugin SDK and provider development. Please, use this thread to ask technical questions to be answered during the 60-minute live office hours.

During Community Office Hours, members of the Plugin SDK team (and also special guests) will be available to provide advice on technical architecture, give recommendations for operational best practices, review current issues or questions in Discuss/GitHub, or dive into the open-source code itself.

Again, we will reference this thread during each Community Office Hours, so keep the questions coming!

Keep up with the schedule here and join us live soon!

Interested in catching up with previous Community Office Hours for all of our tools? Check out the recordings here.

@tracypholmes The date for the Office Hours seems to be missing :grinning:.

OOh! Good catch - I think I deleted it by accident while editing. Will add that now!