Community Office Hours: Terraform Providers

Join us weekly on Thursdays for Community Office Hours focused on Terraform and its providers. Please use this thread to ask technical questions to be answered during the 60-minute live office hours.

During Community Office Hours, we will have experts available to provide advice on technical architecture, give recommendations for operational best practices, review current Github issues, or dive into the open source-code itself.

The hosting teammates will reference this thread during each Community Office Hours focusing on Terraform and its providers.

Keep up with the schedule here and join us live soon!

Interested in catching up with previous Community Office Hours? Check out the recordings here.

This month’s Community Office Hours will focus on Azure Provider for Terraform.

Do you want to learn more about the Azure Provider for Terraform? Do you have feedback or questions for us? Reply to this thread and we will field your questions live.

Join us live on Thursday at 10am EST.