Complete automation

Hi i need complete automation of vault creation , Deploying our application and using them no manual intervention a complete SAAS offering

That’s totally possible.

Vault has many API calls that can be used to configure the various secret engines, auth methods, etc. which you could call using the automation tool or programming language of your choice.

The main thing to be aware and careful of is that this would be running in a very privileged mode, with access to a Vault root token. You need to ensure that token is properly handled such that it doesn’t get accidentally leaked and is revoked once used. If you are also initialising Vault for the first time as well you’d need to work out what to do with the shamir or recovery keys, which are needed to unseal or recover a root token in the future. These are highly secret values, so need careful protection. There are options to have them encrypted so they can only be accessed by specific people, meaning you could then distribute them over less trusted transport mechanisms.

HCP Vault sounds like a good fit for your use case.

There is even a Terraform Provider for HCP to manage the life cycle of HCP Vault clusters and a Provider for Vault to manage configuration within the Vault application. These can be used for automation as well.