Compute uptime of services registered in consul

Hi Team,

We have recently started using Consul for service registry.
we use grpc health check to to say if service registered is healthy or not. Now we want to monitor uptime of our services in some way so that we will be able to say eg. service was up for 23 hours out of 24 hours.
Does consul exports some kinds of metrics using which I can create some dashboard in grafana which will show uptime of service.(We are not running on container platform)

Any help regarding how to measure service uptime registered in consul is appreciated


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Have you already read this?

There is no uptime mentioned in this document, but it’s from 2018. Maybe there is a hint in the current documentation.

I have read this. This document has details about consul cluster monitoring and its health.
It nowhere talks about health of services registered to it.


Ok, sorry for that. :slight_smile:

I realize this is an old thread but this does seem like a worthwhile feature in Consul. It’s probably easier to track downtime rather than uptime and do the math. I don’t see any feature requests or proposals for this in Consul though.

I found this post because I want Consul to tell me the uptime as well. It’s very obvious, valuable functionality. Also surprised it’s not baked in