Official consul grafana dashboard

Hi everyone,

I’ve stumbled upon this grafana dashboard.
Is it really official as it is claimed in dashboard description?


Hi @nmlc,

Yes, these dashboards were developed by the Consul engineering team. The upcoming availability of the dashboards was briefly mentioned in the 1.9 release announcement, and they were finally released this past Thursday.

Please try the dashboard and give us your feedback on whether you find these set of metrics useful in monitoring your Consul clusters.


Neat! Now I just need to translate the PromQL to IFQL. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey all, I am the engineer responsible for shipping this! I wanted to reiterate Blake said that we are actively applying feedback for this. I just pushed up revision 3 which has some fixes in the ACL panel queries and adds in ms where it was missing in a DNS timing query.

@jlj7 This should be a straightforward translation - the main differences being that prometheus squashes dot . notation into underscores, and the params the rate functions functions take. For the names, consul follows a namespace.submodule.measurementconvention. Namespace (also called metrics_prefix) will typically be consul unless it’s configured to something else. Sometimes the namespace will also include the hostname of the machine if it’s configured to do so. Influx’s aggregate.rate() should behave similarly to prometheus’ rate() - the 5m intervals we specify for most panels can be tuned up or down as it fits your cluster’s workload.


Awesome! Thanks for that! I’ll have a go later in the week, maybe, and post any progress. (Today was getting Vault set up as an intermediate CA and signing certificates for my cluster; steep learning curve, but fun.