Connect to a target on non-default_port

Hi, is there an option to set target port thru connect command?

According to docs, “Boundary will use the default_port… if the user does not specify a different port when establishing the session” but I didn’t find an option to set target port on boundary connect command. Do I need to create one target per port per host_set?

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Correct. The user cannot choose the port; that would be problematic in terms of the security guarantees.

Where the “default” part of it will come into play will be as we add service catalogs as host catalogs, where a host set would map to a service, but the hosts implementing the service are not necessarily running it on the same port on every host, so would be overridable at a host level – but importantly, in that model, a host maps to a service implementation, not to the underlying hardware running it.

Thanks Jeff, I look forward to it.