Multiple host in a host set host catalog

Is it possible to have multiple host in a single host set, if yes, then how to connect a target to a specific host inside a host set having multiple host

Hi! Yes you can have multiple hosts in a single host set. Generally the hosts in a host set should be considered equivalent from an access control point of view and a target can have one or more host sets. Currently you can not associate a target with a specific host. If you want to connect to a specific host in a host set using boundary connect you can specify the -host-id option.

So using cmd only it can be done right? Is there any process where using GUI we can do connect a target to specific host?

This can also be done via the GUI. If you click on the Target’s name, then click on the Hosts tab, there will be a list of hosts with Connect buttons that can be used to connect to a specific host.


okay, thankyou for your early response.