Connecting remote Nomad Clients

(This is 100% for my personal learning efforts and not an actual production setup.)

I setup a small Nomad cluster on Digital Ocean, which works really well. It is pretty great what you can host on a bunch of $4/month nodes. I’ve deployed some small personal apps in it and I could not be happier.

To add some more compute capacity to it, I signed up an Oracle Cloud account, which gives you some free-for-life resources, including VM capacity.

These VMs run in a completely different part of the world than where my main Nomad cluster lives. They are limited and the goal is to not spend more money, so ideally they are just Clients where I can deploy an app and not Servers. I’d like to run just a Consul Agent and a Nomad Client on those.

My question is: what is a good strategy to join these VMs with my main cluster? I’ve configured everything so that it only listens on a Digital Ocean VPC with private addresses, so none of the Nomad ports are publicly open.

I can make any kind of change but I’d like to keep it simple and pragmatic.

Can anyone recommend a specific network setup or software to make this easy?