Terraform, VM Cluster Software, and setting up a Nomad cluster

I have many questions, but I guess this is mostly a “what works well with Terraform” question, with some “nomad cluster architecture” flavor mixed in.

My actual end-goal is to figure out whether a Nomad/Consul(/Vault?) cluster can run FreeIPA and/or a ZeroTier gateway VM on my home network. If that works, I’ll keep throwing work at Nomad until either I’ve got everything running, or I find something Nomad can’t handle. Getting as far as a running Nomad cluster is the hard part.

I know I want to use Terraform for provisioning because I found a provider that should handle some network stuff well. My current setup is 3x x86 servers running a Proxmox cluster, with 3x Raspi 4’s in standby if I need them (and find a way to rack-mount them with an SSD each). I had a rather difficult time getting Packer to work with Proxmox, and so that brings me to my first batch of questions:

  1. Does anyone have experience with Terraform working smoothly with Proxmox? Or should I focus on an alternative VM Cluster Manager that works well? (I’d rather avoid VMWare)
  2. Does running a Nomad cluster actually benefit from being run in a VM or privileged LXC container?
  3. Given my servers have 16 cores each and can only be upgraded to 24 cores, should I have my raspberry pi’s run anything in particular, or is it fine/simpler to leave them out of the picture?