Connection refused error when deployed with helm chart version 0.9.0

Hi I have a Kind cluster where I deployed Vault with helm chart 0.9.0. in dev mode. When doing port forwarding to vault service I can execute commands to vault with no errors. However when I try to execute them from another pod in the same namespace (using http://8200 url) I get “dial tcp x.x.x.x:8200: connect: connection refused” error.
I repeated this with helm chart 0.8.0 and I do not get this error so I wonder what I should change. tnx

This is how I install Vault:

    @echo "Installing vault ..."
    helm repo add hashicorp
    helm install vault hashicorp/vault --version 0.9.0 \
            --set "" \
            --namespace m4d-system \
            --set "-dev-root-token-id=root" \
            --wait --timeout 120s

It seems I should have used --set “server.extraEnvironmentVars.VAULT_DEV_LISTEN_ADDRESS=”