Constraint "missing drivers" filtered 1 nodes

Here is my job file
job “docs” {
datacenters = [“dc1”]

  type = "batch"

  group "docs" {
    count = 1
    task "script"{
    driver = "raw_exec"
    config {
    command = "/bin/bash"
    args = ["-c", "/vagrant/"]

Here i guess the raw_exec driver must be enabled in plugin. So do I have to make a separate plugin.hcl for it? Where should i addthe config for the plugin

data_dir = “/tmp/server/plugins”
plugin “raw_exec” {
config {
enabled = true

The plugin stanza looks fine.
It can be in a separate file or in the same file as the agent’s config directory, either way is fine.

If there are overlapping config parameters, there are some semantics about the order of loading config files which comes into play, but as long as you don’t have similar stanzas in different files, it doesn’t matter what you name the .hcl file.