Consul 1.7.0-beta3 Released!

Hello everyone,

We have released Consul 1.7.0-beta3. This release contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements from the previous beta including:

  • Namespace support for Connect (Consul Enterprise only)
  • DNS improvements for dual stack IPv4/IPv6 support

There are also a couple potentially breaking changes regarding ACL enforcement.

  • The v1/agent/force-leave HTTP endpoint now requires operator:write privileges instead of agent:write
  • Write operations on intentions using wildcards require having a prefix matching rule that grants unlimited write access to intentions and there must be no other rule that would override with less access.
  • Read operations on intentions are now allowed if the token used has read privileges on intentions for either the source or destination of the intention.
  • Read operations on an intention with wildcards is allowed if the token would grant read privileges to any matching resource. Previously it required having an ACL rule with the literal * rule segment.

Please see the complete changelog for details on the release:

The release binaries can be downloaded here:

– The Consul Team