Consul API Gateway v0.1.0 Released

At HashiConf Global 2021, we introduced the Consul API Gateway; a solution to help users consistently manage external access to their service mesh applications. Today, the Consul API Gateway team is excited to announce the first GA release of the Consul API Gateway! This milestone provides users the ability to route requests to mesh-based applications, present those clients with verifiable certificates from a trusted authority, and facilitate the necessary secure connections to fulfill the requests. Currently the Consul API Gateway supports Kubernetes environments. Our dedicated team is working hard to extend these capabilities to anywhere that Consul service mesh is running.

This release builds on our initial tech preview and beta releases. It adds the ability to route to off-Kubernetes Consul services and support for mapping Kubernetes namespaces to Consul namespaces for Enterprise customers.

With the addition of the Consul API Gateway, HashiCorp Consul gives users the ability to discover services, secure networking, automate networking, and now manage access to those services.

For more information, please check out our announcement blog. To get started, head over to our documentation!


The Consul API Gateway Team

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