[Consul][Ask] Consul Native way to configure HTTP/HTTPS Proxy?

Hi all,

We have consul and nomad cluster setup, and its running now,

then We faced a problem that our service need to talk to third party partner endpoint that need our IP Whitelist of our Nomad Clients EC2 Instance.
as our nomad client instances is configured by using AWS ASG and Launch Template, we faced a problem to give them (third party partner) our whitelist ip range as we knew that the AWS ASG LT - Instance didn’t have static IP,

and we got in mind to use consul to solve this problems, is there any consul native way to solve this?
currently we got in mind to setup squid proxy that spawned in specific node that have static ip, then configure consul client agent to forward request to specific domain through squid proxy, not sure if this possible or not now.

thanks for helping us folks.

warmest regards,
Kholis RA Gumelar