Standalone Consul Instance


I’m trying to set up a single-server nomad/consul/vault. I understand it’s not HA, the purpose here is to learn more about how all of this works in a simplified environment.

I’ve been able to get nomad and consul up and running, but I’m having a problem with consul only binding to localhost. Basically, I’m looking to have traefik use the data in consul to dynamically set up proxies for other containers, but traefik can’t reach consul.

nomad and consul are both running on the host. Everything else is in containers. In order to get traefik to connect to consul, consul needs to listen on a specific ip address. I’ve tried setting both the bind and advertise ips, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Any assistance is welcome.

Consul config looks like this :

data_dir = “/opt/consul”

datacenter = “dc1”

bind_addr = “”

log_level = “INFO”

node_name = “dc1”

server = true
bootstrap_expect = 1

advertise_addr = “”

Did you try to setting the client_addr? I always hate all this address clutter. :grin:

I feel so dumb. Thank you.

Oh, nonsense. It’s a learning curve that we all had to go through. :wink: Glad, that i could help.


Appreciate it. Trying to learn something new while being pulled in so many directions does not make for an optimal learning experience…

As always, I can recommend the learn platform ( here as well. If not known yet. :wink:

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