Running Traefik with consul connect native does not have access to consul DNS


I`m having an issue where I have a Traefik 2.6 instance deployed through a Nomad job which is in a bridge network and has connect native set to true. Traefik has the consul connect integration enabled allowing it to access services on the consul connect service mesh.

I have a few services that are not on the mesh but are listed in consul in which I can query using consul DNS however the Traefik instance does not seem to have access to consul DNS on that nodes agent. If I am directly on the node I have no issues doing these queries as I have configured DNS forwarding on them so that requests from the node go through the consul instance.

Is there something I need to configure specifically to get Nomad to tell Traefik to use the DNS service that is forwarded from the consul agent that is running on the node that it is hosted on?

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