Consul client not able to talk to consul Server

trying to make consul agent on one vm to talk to consul server on another vm. I am getting error on the consul agent as shown below

  2020-12-15T17:38:18.522Z [INFO]  agent.client.serf.lan: serf: EventMemberLeave: scsadpcbackendvm000000
    2020-12-15T17:38:21.394Z [WARN]  agent.router.manager: No servers available
    2020-12-15T17:38:21.394Z [ERROR] agent.anti_entropy: failed to sync remote state: error="No known Consul servers"

I can ping from agent to server, both are on the same subnet.
any debugs I can start on the client ?

Can you share your configs and the way you start the agents?

Yes, you can set log_level to debug, or even trace, IIRC. But, yes, as @Wolfsrudel says, we really need to see your configs if we’re going to provide useful suggestions.

advertise_addr = "${local_ipv4}"
retry_join = ["provider=azure tag_name=Env tag_value=consul tenant_id=... client_id=xxxxxxx subscription_id=.. secret_access_key=..."]

I start the consul agent

sudo consul agent -config-dir=/etc/consul.d/

Server config

cat << EOF > /etc/consul.d/consul.hcl
datacenter = "dc1"
data_dir = "/opt/consul"

ui = true

cat << EOF > /etc/consul.d/server.hcl
server = true
bootstrap_expect = 1
client_addr = ""
advertise_addr = ""
retry_join = ["provider=azure tag_name=Env tag_value=consul tenant_id=.. client_id=.. subscription_id=.. secret_access_key=.."]