Consul clients cross multiple lans, same datacenter?

Hi all,

I’m trying to run an experiment around having my consul (and by extension, nomad) cluster span a local network and an agent running on an AWS instance. I’m able to get the consul client on the AWS instance to join the cluster on my home network, but once joined, it complains about not being able to talk to peers because of the difference in networking space 192.168.1.? vs 172.31.51.?. Is there a way to get these to talk cleanly?

Do I need Consul servers set up over on the AWS side as well?

Does that mean I need to set it up as a different datacenter? If possible, I would like to “trick” it into being a part of my local network. Surely a bad idea in production, but for demo purposes, if it’s possible, that’s good enough.

…or is that an Enterprise only feature?

Thanks in advance,

Having dug deeper into the Consul configuration docs, it indicates that all nodes in a datacenter need to exist on the same LAN, and that datacenter comms happen over WAN connections, so that appears to answer my question