Consul - cross DC awarness

in cross dc awareness established consul, facing an issue while registering a service with same name.

Consul version- v1.4.0

Details - There is an existing consul cluster of 3 nodes [ centos7 ], in one region. Later did setup a new cluster in another region and established consul awareness using WAN gossip protocol. Came across a scenario, where not able to register a service with the same name in the new environment. Any suggestions?

Most obvious question; any specific reason you are using an older version of Consul; that too not the latest in the 1.4.x series ?
In my opinion; unless there is an overwhelming reason not to, you should use the latest GA. (1.6.2 at this time)

If you must use the 1.4 series, try 1.4.5 (which seem to be the latest of the 1.4 series)

also ref:

All said and done, this is just my opinion, I’ll let someone from HashiCorp weigh in with more info! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: