Regarding consul federation

Hi there,

We are investigating multi-region consul clusters for our service. We have following questions regarding the setup:

We noticed that a consul cluster is designated as primary to handle acl tokens and replicate the data to secondary data centers. We are wondering if network partition occurs between primary dc and secondaries, what are the expected behavior for consul?

  1. Can applications in secondary dcs still perform cross region service discovery with each other? (We assume WAN gossip should enable that)

  2. Assume resolving the failure in master dc takes time (e.g. natural disaster), is there any documented procedure to manually promote secondary dc to master ? Are such scenarios tested?

Hi @chenjw13 we have a collection that provides guidance for multi-cluster setup and answer common questions related to WAN.

We do have some work in-progress to improve the single DC failure situation (#2). Stay tuned for more news on that front.