Queries on Consul replicate

Hi Team,

We are integrating Consul with our application and I have the queries below regarding the Consul-replicate.


We are implementing two Consul Server clusters in two different datacenters (multi datacenter and different timezones). Few of our applications will be connected to one cluster/ data center and the rest to other. We want to update the KV in any cluster not just in Primary datacenter. We want the replication to happen mutually between the two datcenters.

For this requirement, we have the queries below. Please check and provide answers.


  1. Does Consul replicate happens between two data centers (multi data center) and should they be in same WAN pool as a mandate? Is Federate Multiple Datacenters Using WAN Gossip mandatory for consul replicate? Without the federation, can we implement the consul-replicate?

  2. If Federate Multiple Datacenters Using WAN Gossip is mandatory, we have the idea of two data centers and one will be primary and the other is secondary. consul replicate is added to the secondary cluster to replicate from primary ? Is our understanding correct?

  3. Can consul-replicate option be added to primary data center because if we update secondary, the change in KV should reflect in primary too. so is consul-replicate option bidirectional?

  4. Are there any other ways to replace the consul-replicate or is that the only option?

  5. If consul-replicate is added, whenever a KV change happens, the replicate makes sure to update it in another data center. What if that update call fails? What is the solution ?


@armon can someone answer these questions please ?. Thank you !!