Consul DCs federation

we have two consul datacenters. Both of them are on-prem datacenters, one of them is on VMs and other is going to be in kubernetes. However kubernetes cluster is in a DMZ zone (kind of virtually isolated network with stricter network policies enforced). Except for incoming traffic through ingress or load balancers, the underlying nodes/servers of Kubernetes cluster are not accessible and are not publicly exposed.

Could you please suggest how could we federate these two datacenters together?
I was going through this :
And it seems that, it is expected to have two datacenters be able to talk to each other over WAN. But in our case , our Kubernetes cluster is not. Only we could communicate with services running inside kubernetes through Ingress load balancers.

Hi, that guide is the right one to follow. It only requires that mesh gateways have connectivity. The k8s mesh gateway can be a kubernetes load balancer which your VMs should be able to route to.