Query regarding Transparent proxy usage

Hello folks,

I have 2 consul clusters. One primary (on vm) and the other secondary (on k8s) with integration between them using WAN federation.

Currently transparent proxy is only supported for services deployed on k8s running in the same datacenter.

If a service running on VM wants to communicate with the service running on k8s (having transparent proxy enabled), will the communication work using the service upstream parameter in the config file of the service running on VM ?

Please let me know


Hi @ashwinkupatkar I haven’t tested this myself but I don’t believe this would be an issue. The transparent proxy is only relevant inside the Kubernetes clusters. As long as the service in Kubernetes is register in Consul, the other service in the VM based Consul datacenter will be able to communicate with it to due to service discovery and the service mesh connect capability.

If you do encounter an issue with this please let us know.

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Sure @karl-cardenas-coding . Thanks for the update.

Thanks. I tested this today and it works.

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